Pohonné jednotky

Z-Pohon 820 Více informací  není skladem Z-Pohon 820 6 586
Bi-Drive-Z-Pohon Více informací  Skladem 1 ks Bi-Drive-Z-Pohon 5 228
JET- pohon 5 Více informací  není skladem JET- pohon 5 Product informationThe JET propulsion unit 5 is a development of the JET propulsion unit 4. A re-design of the steering nozzle and reversing flap have produced a much lighter version of the JET propulsion unit. However,… 5 034
MONO-Z-Pohon Více informací  Skladem 1 ks MONO-Z-Pohon 3 870
Schottel pohon II Více informací  není skladem Schottel pohon II Product informationThe Schottel drive unit was developed by the Schottel company, and represents a modern and very capable method of propulsion for working ships whose duties require very high manoeuvrability, such as… 3 676
Schottel pohon I Více informací  není skladem Schottel pohon I Product informationThe Schottel drive unit, developed by the Schottel company, is a typical power unit installed on many types of working vessel such as tugs, ferries and buoy layers. The power of the drive motor is… 2 861